Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Hi Alexandre,

On 04 May 12 06:52 Alexandre Prokoudine 
<alexandre prokoudine gmail com> said:
The problem I see in this thread is that few people tell us exactly
what they do and then complain that we don't do the right thing for

80% of the time I load a .jpg to make some minor edits (use the Curves
tool to adjust brightness, contrast or white balance, Crop to control 
composition and Scale to size an image for web use).

When doing that task the only change with 2.8 is that I must select 
"Export", instead of "Save As" from the File menu. No sweat!

Almost all of the other 20% of my time with the GIMP is making up 
collages of images or using the tools from producing fancy text or 
buttons or similar small decorative graphics for web sites.

In the past, I have sometimes regretted that I have not saved an .xcf,
when I come to make changes to those images. The new approach the GIMP
forces on me will encourage better practice.

In short, it makes perfect sense to me that a high end bitmap editor 
should, by default, save in its native format and export to other 

Just about every other program I know uses this pattern. Yes, it may 
mean I need to change my practices slightly, but it's hardly a chore 
and the change the GIMP team has decided to make, makes perfect sense 
to me.

Keep up the good work!

Greg Chapman
Helping new users of KompoZer and The GIMP

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