Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com> writes:

The problem I see in this thread is that few people tell us exactly
what they do and then complain that we don't do the right thing for

Haven't tried 2.8 yet, but as I understand it:

- XCF is the native format for GIMP <-- GOOD
- everything else is an export operation <-- GOOD

So SAVE means writing an XCF. Always.

My workflow is almost always:

- open or create image
- save as XCF
- { edit / save } repeat
- save as JPG
- immedeately save as XCF

Forget the last step, quit GIMP and you'll have a hard time
when you need just one other change...

I can think of one exception: when you open a bitmapped image, make some
changes without adding information that is beyond the capabilities of
the bitmap, and save it. This would introduce a dialog "Image contains
features that cannot be saved as JPG. Please save as XCF and use
Export." This is how e.g. OpenOffice does it. And this will be disliked
by some.

As far as I can see it the new save will take a little time to get used
to, but it seems the right approach. It will definitely prevent loss of
image information when you least expect it.

-- Johan

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