Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Ken Warner <kwarner000 verizon net> writes:

Why are the GIMP developers interposing their own preferences on all
the people who use and support GIMP?  They are making this a much more
complicated and contentious problem than it needs be

I have not used the newer version of GIMP yet, but I have to ask the same

I am a Solaris user, but I have to support a few Windows boxes in the
office.  After using XP for many years, I just got in a Windows 7 system,
and I have spend untold days -- maybe weeks -- trying to get the simplest
things to work.  MS has made one gratuitous change after another with
absolutely no improvement in functionality.  Years of hard learned
knowledge has gone down the drain.  And this affects everything from system
administration to adding a new song to Media Player.  Just wait until a
user in my office has to use the "ribbon" in Word or Excel.  Slit my wrists

It seems to me that this Save change in GIMP falls into the same category.
We users have years of experience learning work flow procedures.  It is
a simple matter to save to any format you like by specifying the file
extension.  The problem this change now creates is that it destroys all
those years of learning, replacing something that works fine with a
different procedure that will not offer any improved functionality.

If the designers want a function that only saves to xcf format, then leave
Save as is and add a new SaveXCF option.  Then, anyone who cares can map
Ctrl-S to this new function and the rest of us can continue working as we
have in the past, possibly migrating to the new method at our own pace.
As a programmer myself, I can understand the technical arguments for making
changes to a complex program like GIMP.  However, when it comes to the GUI,
there really needs to be a different mindset brought to bear.

Jeffery Small

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