Re: [Gimp-user] DON'T HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Agreed on that point.

But since you brought up the tabbed interface, I thought I would bring up an expectation/usability problem I came across while looking 2.8.0 over... (I'm still learning it actually... not enough time to really sit and play... when I use it, there is a purpose and a limited amount of time.)

I wanted to use the single window option. And when I wanted to copy a layer from one tab to another, I wanted to be able to grab the layer from the layer panel, drag it and drop it onto a tab. It doesn't work. What works, I figured out eventually, is holding it over a tab until it becomes selected and then I can drop onto the canvas. It's not "intuitive" if I expected one behavior and it didn't work... well, that's my opinion anyway. I'm quite sure the current method of operation is deliberate, though, as the expected behavior seems too obvious. So I'd be interested to know the reasoning behind not doing it that way. Perhaps there is a very good reason I haven't thought of yet. (Always a possibility)

On 07/29/2012 04:41 PM, ang3la wrote:
I LOVE the export feature!
I make a LOT of price tags in GIMP. It is WONDERFUL to export the file and not have to re-open the .XCF file 
over and over. It saves a lot of repeat processes.

I also love the new tab interface for open GIMP files!

I rather like it actually...
I do GIMP workshops for (mainly) old ladies who don't know the first thing
about computers, but enjoy themselves doing silly photomontages and messing
around with pictures of their grandchildren. They used to regularly lose
their only original versions of pics through not knowing the difference
between "save" and "save as" (and also not knowing the meaning of
Now I can relax because this "export" business has created a safeguard
against that sort of thing, though I hate to think what will happen if my
old ladies (being deviously expert at messing things up) discover the
"overwrite" command.

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