Re: [Gimp-user] DON'T HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On 07/17/2012 04:34 PM, Johannes wrote:
Am 17.07.2012 22:08, schrieb isabel brison:
Now I can relax because this "export" business has created a safeguard
against that sort of thing, though I hate to think what will happen if
my old ladies (being deviously expert at messing things up) discover the
"overwrite" command.

Glad to read this.

But I guess the old ladies wouldn't find the opt-out switch for this
behavior in the GIMP preferences, if there was any. So you could still
be relaxed and happy.


I am with Isabel on that point. For new users, this fact translates more directly with what people understand. And here's the thing. Most I tend to think people who use GiMP aren't coming from Photoshop. They are using GiMP because it's an affordable alternative. So this is their first go around. But still, it's foreign in the sense that almost no other program does it like this. Word processors and spreadsheets don't do it like this. It's one of those things that, while technically more proper/correct, takes some getting used to.

My first impression of this change was "what the heck?!" and then quickly figured out what the deal was and then I had to admit to myself "this is more correct" even if it was unexpected.

That said, I am concerned about meta data. If there was meta data when imported, there should be at least the option of preserving the meta data. I'd like to see that added into the code if it's not already there somehow. Sometimes I like it when there are GPS coordinates in a picture, for example, because a lot of other programs will pick up on it... for example, web galleries might pick that up and when I want travel, having the GPS data available will allow me to map travels and such. Also, date/time and which camera I used is also useful information at times. What difference does it make if I enhance the image in some way? I still want to keep the meta data with the image.

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