Re: [Gimp-user] extract a reasonably dark image from its background?

They want 300dpi, you sent 61dpi! No way.

Also the dimensions are incorrect

OK, so with gimp, open a new image, 1063x615 px at 300 dpi and redo
your card


Sorry not nearly on the same page yet Owen.

"open a new image..."

It can't be this image that I open as my new image
can it??

which was a screenshot I took off Vistaprints screen

and  which this Vista screenshot

seems to explain as a "Genetically Flawed Image seriously deficient in

Also where do I find the "300 dpi" setting

The image you downloaded is a very small image and totally unsuitable
for direct application, in gimp, go to Image->Image properties and you
see it does not match the required specification

Now that image is also 24 bit, so by and large, you are going to have
to either create your background from scratch or rescale, Image->Scale
Image (set dpi to 300, ok, then set dimensions to what is required,

But that may not be satisfactory

Starting from scratch, (ie, make your own background) you set your new
image to 300dpi by;

File->new and set size
Then select "Advanced" and set dpi


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