[Gimp-user] extract a reasonably dark image from its background?

Replying to all at once here:

It is easy to remove the white 

background in the image. Right 

click the 
image, then select Layer -> 

Transparency -> Colour to Alpha... 

then click OK. .........


GimpDummy: Thanks Kevin that worked too. I am looking at the option to colourfy.
Do you know if there is a wider range of colors that we can 
colourfy with?

James: I'd recommend doing Color > Levels first, then making sure the black 
is as black as you want. Otherwise if it's dark gray (not quite 
black), that will translate to partially-transparent when you do the 
Color to Alpha.
You could also do Color > Levels and adjust alpha layer after. Either way.

GimpDummy: This is a good point you raise here James about what to do when some of the colour on my image is 
patchy. Obviously the answer lies in your instructions somewhere except I can't figure out how to use that 
Levels instrument to darken up the image to a consistent black?

Isn't that a good thing? Then you get a soft edge that blends well on other backgrounds rather than a hard 
edge that looks like jagged crap.
Frank Gore 

GimpDummy:  Thanks Frank I will consider that option too.


GimpDummy (via gimpusers.com)

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