Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-web] Alexandre Prokoudine attacks on GIMP critics around the Web

ср, 9 янв. 2019 г., 7:24 Ryan Stark effluxion googlemail com:

Ardour is poor and there were lots of DAWs being developed on Linux
(probably still are but I don't look into it any more).

How many is "lots"? 10? 20? 30? :)))

Ardour (and one or two its dead forks), Ecasound, Protux/Traverso. That is
pretty much it.

Paul at Ardour is arrogant.

You keep making these unsubstantiated claims, but just like the original
topicstarter, you'll find it to be a hard sell on this list.

It doesn't matter if he is funded. That doesn't make Ardour a success in
terms of how it works.

Since he is funded by the community, it means Ardour is a success for its
user base. And most of those people are on Windows, where they have a much
wider choice of applications to run.

If you install Reaper on Linux there is absolutely no comparison whatsoever
and Reaper can be run free or a small licence charge. Ardour tried to be
Protools. This is what not to do if you develop open source software. It
has to have something unique about it.

I guess you didn't pay much attention then. Back when Ardour started,
unlimited tracks and buses, as well as anything-to-anything routing were
unheard of.

They can rightly claim that they have something better than what commercial
software provides.

Pretty much every Reddit thread on GIMP has people who say GIMP is better
for them. They might have funny reasons to say so, but it's their opinion.
You seem to be pretending that these people don't exist. I suggest you
reconsider your existential statement.

If you look at what they are doing in the Mypaint brush engine. It is also
unique. The new features in the brush engine can create results that are
amazing and unlike any other program yet the basic concept is quite simple.

Every unique feature of MyPaint's brush engine stops being unique for just
MyPaint the moment it's out. Would you hazard a guess why? (Hint: see my
previous email)

However, the brush engine is painfully slow so what is the point.

You still haven't given us any details about that.

So there will never be a method to simply draw individual straight lines on
the canvas without unnecessary tools appearing on the canvas?

I don't know how you arrive to these funny conclusions.

I'm afraid, unless you begin substantiating any of your claims, I will have
to bow out of this conversation. You are welcome to post your bug reports
to the tracker.


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