Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-web] Alexandre Prokoudine attacks on GIMP critics around the Web

Ardour is poor and there were lots of DAWs being developed on Linux
(probably still are but I don't look into it any more). Paul at Ardour is
arrogant. It doesn't matter if he is funded. That doesn't make Ardour a
success in terms of how it works. If you install Reaper on Linux there is
absolutely no comparison whatsoever and Reaper can be run free or a small
licence charge. Ardour tried to be Protools. This is what not to do if you
develop open source software. It has to have something unique about it.
Blender has a lot of unique features. Another superb and unique open source
program is Wings 3D. Simple but brilliantly designed. I love that program
even although I don't use it much. This is what makes people have a passion
about the software which is absolutely needed for open source. They can
rightly claim that they have something better than what commercial software

If you look at what they are doing in the Mypaint brush engine. It is also
unique. The new features in the brush engine can create results that are
amazing and unlike any other program yet the basic concept is quite simple.

Gimp certainly is trying to be a kind of Photoshop. It doesn't have enough
unique features about it. One very cool absolutely unique feature that
everybody actually ignores is that all the parameters can be controlled via
MIDI. This beats any other method out there for hardware controlling even
image editing software, in particular if you are using it for painting.
However, the brush engine is painfully slow so what is the point.

So there will never be a method to simply draw individual straight lines on
the canvas without unnecessary tools appearing on the canvas? The bezier
tool is for when you want to do precise things. Drawing simple lines is a
different idea. This is why most other programs follow the simple command
to constrain to a straight line.

On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 at 03:18, Alexandre Prokoudine <
alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:

On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 5:42 AM Ryan Stark via gimp-developer-list wrote:

You know, I started having my suspicions while reading your first
email where you complained that GIMP tries to do everything, then
proceeded complaining it is focused on photo editing rather than doing
other things (mutually exclusive statements).

Mypaint is different from Gimp because obviously the brush engine is

It's not unique. Several applications now use MyPaint's brush engine,
including GIMP. And that isn't even the only "difference" between
MyPaint and GIMP. They are conceptually different applications. Surely
I don't need to tell you about things like the infinite canvas?

but if Gimp was better Krita would not be needed in my opinion.

People have always scratched their itches. What's the shocking news?

This is how audio programs gotdamaged on Linux. Several competing

There is virtually zero competition among free/libre DAWs on Linux,
because there is just one functional DAW, which is Ardour.

Everything else with the sole exception for Qtractor does MIDI
sequencing and some score editing, with overly simplistic audio
editing, because everything else is stuck in the early 2000s when the
Linux crowd thought that separating MIDI from audio was the real deal,
and JACK would rule them all (it didn't).

Paul recognized the problem relatively early on, that's why MIDI
started being worked on around 2007.

If you think there is any competition, try recording multiple audio
inputs into MusE or Rosegarden using external control surfaces, with
VCA for track groups, do quick fades and crossfades, then tell me how
it worked for you.

Ardour should have been the open source DAW but will never ever compete
now partly due to the arrogant style of development ethos.

What are you even talking about? :)))

Open source audio is now completely dead because vastly superior
commercial apps moved onto Linux.
There is absolutely no way now for an open source project to compete with
running for example Reaper on Linux.

Open source audio is so dead that Paul's development efforts are fully
funded every month long before the month is over, and he gives the
spare funds to other contributors. Robin is paid by Harrison to work
on both Mixbus and Ardour. And original MIxbus team contribute to
Ardour on regular basis. That's how dead it is.

Gimp tries to be Photoshop

It does not. I don't know where you are getting all these funny ideas from

Saying that a bezier tool is somehow a step further than a simple tool to
draw straight lines is the sort of crazy idea that is exactly the problem
with Gimp. In Photoshop and other apps you click a key command and draw a
single line or lots of lines anywhere without even seeing any tool on the

You mean the latest Photoshop CC still has no clue how to show people
what they are drawing on the canvas? And that's great why, exactly?

It seems that in Gimp such a simple idea wasn't thought of. The
shift command for drawing straight lines in Gimp doesn't achieve the same
very simple task.

Yeah, better drawing tools are definitely in the plans. But If you
want us to show people blank canvas while they draw, then no, not
gonna happen.


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