Re: [Gimp-developer] I'm going slightly mad.

Thorsten Stettin (thorsten stettin gmail com) wrote:
Why do you need libpng >= 1.6.25, and lcms2 >= 2.7 in order to build Gimp
2.9.5 - commit 36ebe03770fd8b87102e95cd6c45b194a45a8ba3?

Libpng is due to security issues:

commit a5073ad9289f7e05ef38d2ce99dc71e91983b434
Author: Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org>
Date:   Mon Oct 31 09:36:15 2016 +0100 require libpng 1.6.25
    Addresses bug #765850, and probably avoids a gazillion of
    vulnerabilities in the versions since the ancient 1.2.37
    we required before.

For libcms2 this is due to some rounding errors that affected some
blending modes in gimp:

commit 0ce364ee4dd2200e6607a4575af0cc657600afc9
Author: Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org>
Date:   Thu Sep 15 12:52:20 2016 +0200, app: require liblcms2 >= 2.7
    and add an lcms2 runtime version check to app/sanity.c
    Bug 736701 - LCMS2 rounding errors cause problems with certain
    GIMP blend modes

I hope this helps,

              simon budig de    

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