Re: [Gimp-developer] Reporting bugs for 2.9.5?

On 01/06/2017 05:37 AM, Casey Connor wrote:

Hi -- I'm using GIMP 2.9.5, the "edge", via the
otto-kesselgulasch-gimp-edge PPA.

Hi Casey,

Is it appropriate to report bugs for that version at,
or is it too alpha for bug reports?

yes, it is appropriate.

Even more than appropriate, it is essential to GIMP development:
If you do not report bugs in a development version, then it is likely
they stay in for all eternity unless someone else happens to encounter
the same same.

This is under the assumption that you are going to update GIMP from this
repository quite frequently, as changes happen every day.

If you are afraid to report bugs other people have reported already,
then use the bug tracker links below to search for the issue you have
encountered before reporting a bug. But even if you find one, you may
still be able to contribute additional information, especially if
comments in the bug ask for this.

The question remaining would be where to report the bugs, as both the
gimp-edge repository maintainer and GIMP itself maintain a bug tracker,

The GIMP developers prefer when bugs encountered in third-party builds
(this includes Linux distros, too) are reported in the bug trackers
specific to that build.

From there, it can either be forwarded by the build and/or tracker
maintainers is deemed necessary. It can also be done by the users
reporting the bugs, either to ensure the bug is known in general or if
the maintainers turn out to be unresponsive.
Please include a reference to the other bugs in such cases.

For build made from the code as-is, it almost doesn't matter where the
bug is reported. But there can still be platform-specific issues the
build maintainer is much more aware of than the GIMP developers are.

For modified builds, getting the build maintainer to do an active part
in bug research and triaging is crucial.

If it's appropriate, what version should I pick from the menu: "git
master", or "unspecified" (and then specify in the description,
obviously)? The version options only go to 2.9.4.

An important thing to realize is that there is not "one" 2.9.5, but many
- this version number is used by the current development master branch,
and so every build made from there currently uses the 2.9.5 version
number. So using "git master" is appropriate.

The 2.9.5 version serves as an indication of what we are dealing with in
general - a build made from the development branch past the 2.9.4 release.

The commit id can become interesting if we're trying to figure out if a
bug may still be present, or if it is supposed to be gone already. The
commit id is shown in the empty image window and in the Help -> About
dialog, and looks like "commit 8a15064" with whatever commit id your
build was based on.

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