Re: [Gimp-developer] Jenkins infrastructure (Was: Jenkins tutorial)

On  27.2.2014 at 9:18 AM Michael Schumacher wrote:

On February 27, 2014 6:03:59 AM CET, scl wrote:

The newly generated website could then be fetched
the same way like the we currently do with the API docs.

Manually, unless this has changed since the last time I updated it?

I was under the assumption that it's automatic now, but I might be wrong.

To still be able to review the commits we could agree to either use
a separate branch (a review branch or feature branch)

This is why I recently asked mitch about resurrecting/creating at least
> one other virtual host for creative testing.

... for the website or more stuff?

or commit patches only via Bugzilla,

We need more discussion about some things, at least. Getting a 'Help, what is
>this going to achieve?' feeling for a new tutorial like thr most recent one isn't
> optimal, especially if it makes us postpone a site update.

Indeed. I think for now we can revert the last three blocking commits
in gimp-web and take the tutorial to the wiki when it's finished.

or we later use a review tool like [Gerrit] (in co-ordination with GNOME).

I think we should start to have semi-regular meetings on IRC, logged and those logs published.

Yes, it was started once in 2011, but then it came to nothing
(see the Developer meetings in our wiki). Did it work in the past?
If we can speed up urgent topics and can all be at a given time in IRC,
it's at least worth a try.

Kind regards,


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