Re: [Gimp-developer] HiDPI/Retina display support and gtk3-port branch?

On  27.2.2014 at 5:14 PM Brion Vibber wrote:
I'm not sure how much can be done on the gtk2 end (a large icon theme would
probably help on Linux), but I am definitely interested in poking at the
gtk3 branch for proper hi-dpi support. I've gone ahead and filed a bugzilla

From asking around in IRC, it seems that the gtk3-port branch won't land on
master until after Gimp 2.10 ships. Should I assume the branch is going to
remain unstable for a while and wait, or is it ok to start doing some
experiments & submitting patches for it?

From my point of view: please feel free to do so.
Especially to solve various problems with state-of-the-art hardware
like graphic tablets and HiDPI displays we should switch over to GTK3
as soon as possible. Let's see how we can solve the current build
issues, like the one you mentioned and those reported at
(The latter should be fixed first, otherwise we don't know whether
your patches behave well in GIMP's code base).

As Mitch pointed out in IRC there are some more hurdles to take for the
GTK3 port such as ensuring that the plug-ins don't fail but IMHO this
shouldn't keep you back from patches for HiDPI displays.

Kind regards,


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