Re: [Gimp-developer] Jenkins infrastructure (Was: Jenkins tutorial)

On 24.2.2014 at 11:27 PM Michael Schumacher wrote:> On 24.02.2014 22:39, Sam Gleske wrote:
The advantage of hooks vs polling is that hooks are on demand.

...a commit hook triggers it. With some suitable delay - right now this
would better be days, until we finally overcome the laziness and set up
a commit-triggered website build on cube again :)


how about building the website on Jenkins, too?
This would unfetter us from asking regularly in IRC whether 'somebody
is around who can update the website', i.e. streamline our website
maintenance process. The newly generated website could then be fetched
the same way like the we currently do with the API docs.
To still be able to review the commits we could agree to either use
a separate branch (a review branch or feature branch) or commit patches
only via Bugzilla, or we later use a review tool like [Gerrit] (in co-ordination with GNOME).

Kind regards,



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