Re: [Gimp-developer] Fwd: Gimp Registry Future

On 09.04.2014 14:43, Tobias Jakobs wrote:

It's a wee bit more complicated. Think of e.g. security concerns.
Sure, you can sit down and analyze the code of every submitted plugin,
but this solution is not scalable, and a scalable solution (as in
"automated check for exploits") is likely to be expensive.

But this is not a new problem. If you at the moment download anything from
the registry and install it, it could destroy your system. This should not
stop us from improving it.

Part of the problem right now is that there is no coordinated effort to
get "official" binaries for plug-ins assigned to these - so any binary
done by anyone and either uploaded a a separate entity or linked in the
comments/questions is happily accepted and downloaded be the users.

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