Re: [Gimp-developer] Quick-edit workflow

Jehan wrote:

Just checking master, currently when "overwrite" is shown, export-to
is not grayed out but it is invisible.
That means that it is active and can be run if you know the shortcut,
but you can't export from the menu (for people who don't know
shortcuts, new or casual users, etc.).
Is it intended? I feel like this is a mistake and that "Export To"
should always show up in the menu.
I could easily fix this.

yes this is intentional. the spec says:

‘The shortcut for the Export menu item shall remain active and map to invoking the Export As… command, 
sneaky, but true.’

I have done this so that users who press ctrl-E by habit are not
stopped by nothing happening. Users who browse the menu see
Export As... (the new label) and pick that.

nobody gets hurt. things work as expected. sneaky, but true.

In any case, I have written a patch here:

I guess you can tell if that's good for you

Sorry Jehan, no. you change too much and I must say,
with devastating effect.

first of all I did my job and updated the spec:


checked 98 occurrences of “export” (twice) and updated
to the new situation.

in a nutshell, all it is is a string change.

Export... -> Export As...

(no other changes to this menu item or the code behind it.

“Export to” -> Export (when no export target)

(this is the menu item where “Export to” and
“Overwrite” are swapped in as appropriate)

do not touch the Save menu items, they work fine, as-is,
since 1984. Save is for the main window content and the
name of that is in the title bar of that main window.

and that is it.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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