Re: [Gimp-developer] Quick-edit workflow


the process for overwriting the PNG image is too complicated; export
(Ctrl+E), overwrite file: <Yes>, then close (Ctrl+W), and close
without saving: <Yes>. What can we do to make this process simpler?

this part got me thinking-checking-planning.

what we were missing was a quick succession of ctrl shortcuts
(cmd on mac) that close unsaved images.

I worked on it with mitch and it is now in git.

so now everyone can press ctrl-W to close a document, keep
the finger on the ctrl and press ctrl-D in the dialog to
Discard changes.

- this is slightly unusual in GNOME (if not illegal, but I
 did it for you, girls and guys) so there is a hint in the dialog
- yes, also works for Quit and Close all
- yes, mitch is back-porting it to 2.8, see next release

try it when you get your hands on it.

Sorry, I didn't notice the "File > Overwrite <filename>" menu option.
Perhaps a keyboard shortcut for the same would be nice.

I thought about that for a long time when I wrote the spec.

I did not put a shortcut by default for 2 reasons:

- for the primary way of working (with XCF source files),
 overwriting imported images (by pressing the shortcut)
 by accident would be an unfortunate disaster.

- I wanted to use the inertia of having to do the effort of
 setting your own shortcut to make you think: if really, really
 overwrite _is_ your primary way of working and important
 enough to set it.


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            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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