Re: [Gimp-developer] Quick-edit workflow

Jehan Pagès writes:
Just checking master, currently when "overwrite" is shown, export-to
is not grayed out but it is invisible.
That means that it is active and can be run if you know the shortcut,
but you can't export from the menu (for people who don't know
shortcuts, new or casual users, etc.).

It's definitely useful to have it available via the shortcut (now
that I'm clear on what it does :-) -- I'd use it in preference to
Overwrite since it means I only have to remember that one shortcut
(plus Ctrl-S, of course).

And thanks, Peter, for the name change! These:

Export... -> Export As... (in all states)

“Export to” -> Export (when no export target)

do seem clearer since they're more similar to Save and Save as...


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