[Gimp-developer] Default file name for file-export action

Hi Peter,

Currently if you started a work from an image (jpg, png, whatever) the
first "export" dialog will propose you the original source image name
as export filename.

In other words:
1/ Open "foo.jpg"
2/ Modify your image.
3/ ctrl-e (export)
4/ The default proposition for an export filename is "foo.jpg" (in
other words, by default, it proposes to overwrite your source!).

But I think that's not right, because it goes against the logics of
not destroying your source files as a *default* workflow. You can
still enter the same file name if you really wish it, but then you
have to do it explicitly. The default should be for instance
"Untitled.jpg" (same as the default for saving will be "Untitled.xcf"
on the first save).
I've actually already made mistakes sometimes when testing some image
modification quickly and did not really care about the filename, as
long as it is different as the original. I just wanted to export it.
Untitled.jpg would have been fine to me. But it proposed me the
original by default, very risky if I go on a frenzy Enter-Enter usage!

Moreover even for those who have needs of quick edition of the
original file, without saving, there is the "file-overwrite" action
anyway (for which they can make a shortcut). The "file-export" would
be more for those who want to *really* export, to a different name,
no? So the default filename proposition should be different, in my
What do you think?

Anyway I have already made a patch proposing this change, and Mitch
told me to ask you what you think about it:


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