Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp gradients

El 10/03/13 15:16, Ofnuts escribió:

This must be part of Gimp's Great Oral Tradition... I can't find the
word "drop" in :)

This said, after trying it, the gradient editor indeed looks better.

Heh, I didn't check the documentation, but one of the great things in GIMP is being able to drag and drop colors from swatches (it's also a nice method for color fill without going to the bucket fill tool, so I use it a lot and it's the first thing I tried when I wanted to edit a gradient.

I guess this should be added to the documentation.

- To modify an existing stop: grag and drop a color on the black triangle.
- To add a new stop, drag and drop a color on the gradient preview
- To move stops and modify the transition curve between them, drag the black and white triangles respectively.

IMO it's very, very simple (of course, if you found how to do it or somebody told you, so point taken about the lack of documentation about this way to customize gradients).


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