Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp-plugin profiling


Thank for you interest. Today I spent some time reading about perf - it is quite complex tool or rather it measures things that I am not familiar with. However I did some primitive testing and got this output:


I dont dare to interpret it, but the "201.49%" in last line was in red so there is obviously a problem there. Here I would start.

If you (or anybody else) can point me at some source on internet I would be thankfull. Or perhaps shortly explain how to mitigate the problem. But I understand this is not gimp-specific issue...

BTW, I consider my question answered now, thanks :)


2013/3/10 Ville Sokk <ville sokk gmail com>
I'm sorry you didn't get any help. But I would like to note that gprof
is generally not considered a good tool for profiling, especially if
threads are involved. People suggest statistical profilers like perf
(Linux kernel profiler, works in userspace too), gperftools, oprofile,
dtrace (not just a profiler). If you have a mac you can use its GUI
for dtrace. If you are adventurous you can use the Linux equivalents
of dtrace called systemtap and LTTng. Jon Nordby likes gperftools
IIRC, you can analyse its output with kcachegrind. For perf you can
use gprof2dot to get a graphical callgraph instead of the CLI one.

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