Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp gradients

El 10/03/13 11:10, rafał rush escribió:
Gradients in gimp are very very painful thing. I love gimp and i used it
a lot but gradients are nightmare. I see that you are making new tools
and other stuff but the most important thing and the thing that all
graphic designers using all the time is gradient. To make simple
gradient i must do hundred clicks. Gradient window is weird and
difficult for new user. Are you planing make gradient tool more user

A nightmare, a pain? I can agree that editing the endpoints is not as straightforward as it should, but adding stops requires only to drag and drop colors on the gradient editor.

How exactly would you do it "more user friendly"? Probably in the future when a gradient is a GEGL node the tool could be extended to allow th edit the stops on canvas making the gradient editor almost unnecessary, but right now it's not possible since you have to define the gradient before applying it, and once you did it it becomes pixels.

The gradient editor could use some improvements, of course, but saying it's a painful thing, a nightmare and stating that you have to do "hundred clicks" is an unnecessary exaggeration. Why don't you try describing the parts you think are more problematic and propose how to do it better?


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