Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp build for Windows

Hi Skand,

I have disabled Python support in my build. I tried to build Python and
also found it not straightforward, so I've just skipped it for now.

Regarding the libtool changes, there is the following code usually

	# Check to see if the archive will have undefined symbols.
	if test "$allow_undefined" = yes; then
	  if test "$allow_undefined_flag" = unsupported; then
	    func_warning "undefined symbols not allowed in $host shared
	  # Don't allow undefined symbols.

Sometimes it is OK, but sometimes it prevents the shared library (dll)
to be built. So I always comment out the two lines:

	    # build_libtool_libs=no
	    # build_old_libs=yes

Then it goes fine. As I wrote before, atk 64bit is an exception, it has
even stronger check. The whole following code must be commented out, and
it appears in libtool twice!!! :

#	      if test -n "$a_deplib" ; then
#		droppeddeps=yes
#		$ECHO
#		$ECHO "*** Warning: linker path does not have real file for library
#		$ECHO "*** I have the capability to make that library automatically
link in when"
#		$ECHO "*** you link to this library.  But I can only do this if you
have a"
#		$ECHO "*** shared version of the library, which you do not appear to
#		$ECHO "*** because I did check the linker path looking for a file
#		if test -z "$potlib" ; then
#		  $ECHO "*** with $libname but no candidates were found. (...for
regex pattern test)"
#		else
#		  $ECHO "*** with $libname and none of the candidates passed a file
format test"
#		  $ECHO "*** using a regex pattern. Last file checked: $potlib"
#		fi
#	      fi

My problem is that I am not any good in autotools and in linux scripting
in general. So I probably will not be able to help you with this more.

I can try to pay more attention to Python, but I think it would be
better if I focus on some Windows related bugs, since I feel a little
bit stronger on this field :-)


On Fri, 2013-01-11 at 16:20 +0530, Skand Hurkat wrote:
> Thanks for the steps Pavel.
> As for the changes to libtool and other manual intervention steps, maybe 
> you could offer patches for the same?
> I tried scripting the whole thing, so that it fetches the archive using 
> wget, unpacks it, applies the needed patches, and then configures and 
> compiles it. However, I ran into some difficulties with dependencies on 
> Python libs.
> I don't have the exact error messages right now; but I really did not 
> find any working solution for those errors.
> Regards,
> Skand.

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