Re: [Gimp-developer] Exported-but-not-saved prompt (was: Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour)

Am 19.11.2012 12:48, schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:
True :) If you can think of cleaner way to notify the user about
images that were only exported, speak up :)


I really tried to stay out of this thread until now, but this is a subtopic I'm quite interested in.

I'd recommend a two-step approach:
1. Introduce an export-icon in the file-menu. This will help newcomers to easily find the export-option since options without icons are often dismissed as unimportant or seldom-used.
One might argue that it just adds visual clutter, but to be honest: that war has been lost long ago, at least in that particular menu.
Looking at other applications (openOffice, inkscape) the blank sheet ("New ...") with an arrow to the right might be a good choice for this.

2. When closing, reuse the save- and export-icons paired with checkmark and cross to indicate whether a image has been saved and/or exported (naturally, save will always say no, but it's good to show it anyway so that the user will understand why the prompt pops up). If possible, one could even add the dates of the last save and export so that the user can compare these. People might not read the text in prompts, but it's  pretty hard not to see a huge, iconic image right in front of you.
In case this should not be formulated clearly, here is a very quick, very dirty sketch of the concept:

Personally, I've never really understood why GIMP doesn't use more graphical elements in its UI (yes, I know, GIMP already uses quite a bit, but given that it's a program for photo-manipulation, we can assume that most of it's users are inclined towards visual information as opposed to textual). They seem to be quite busy at the moment, but it'd sure be nice to hear about this from someone on the UI-team.

Also, I unfortunately am not enough of a programmer to implement this myself. However, should you decide to implement it, I would, of course, be willing to provide the assets.

Tobias Lunte//Tobl

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