Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

Graeme Gill (graeme2 argyllcms com) wrote:
> Simon Budig wrote:
> > We cannot just make the assumption that "oh, its a JPEG. *clearly* the
> > user wants us to discard information on saving".
> You really think they want you to save a lot of invented bits
> and blow their file up in size with all that false data ?

As soon as the User does some little tiny editing we no longer can
discern reliably between invented bits and important bits.

> They want you to save the same visible information, without
> any obvious further degradation. That's easily achieved
> by saving in a lossless format, but not very clever,
> and doesn't honour the quality/file size trade-off they've
> already agreed to and want, since they are saving back
> to the lossy file format they opened.

The whole point we're trying to make and which you refuse to understand
is, that "they already agreed to and want" only applies for images they
created themselves from scratch. It breaks down immediately when they're
working with images from other sources, like the clueless marketing
droid sending you a jpeg logo file.

Here the user does *not* do a concious descision towards a lossy file
format. He did *not* agree to loose bits on saving even when he opened a
JPEG. This whole "user indicates his intent by the file format he opens"
just breaks down when working with images from other sources.

              simon budig de    

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