Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

Alberto Mardegan (mardy users sourceforge net) wrote:
> Is it actually possible for a user to lose the layers when saving to
> JPEG with gimp 2.6? The JPEG plugin asks to flatten the image, at which
> points the users would cancel the process if he really cares about them.
> Or do you have reports when this did not occur for some reasons?

* User creates a multi-layered image
* User saves to JPG, gets prompted for flattening
* User either does not understand about layers or flattening
  or does understand it, but really just wants the JPEG file for sharing.
* JPEG file gets saved
* Gimp 2.6 marks the image as saved.   <--- critical!
* User quits Gimp, no prompt for unsaved images

Layer information lost.

              simon budig de    

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