Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

On 19/11/12 11:30, Simon Budig wrote:
> People add layers and try to save back to jpeg, later wondering where
> their layers are. Yeah, it is easy to denounce them as clueless users,
> but this is thought too short. Assuming that people know about the lossy
> behaviour of jpeg is just wrong.
Then by all means educate them, make it less easy for them to make a
mistake but don't treat everybody as clueless idiots - which is your
insistence on "we don't let you save to a lossy format" boils down to!
It's so easy for you to make the behavior palatable for everybody,
simply give those that know what they are doing a way of doing it in a
way that is not impeded by the "clueless idiot mode"!
Previously I saved to XCF if I suspected I'd ever will revisit the image
and to PNG, JPEG, whatever when I knew that this is it. Not having the
XCF was a conscious decision and I knew the ramifications of doing so.
Now that I am asked when closing if I'd want to save I always have to
look up if I saved to the correct format before. Worse still, since most
of the time I am opening and preparing a preview image out of a
previously created XCF via export - having the program prompt me to save
to the original name resulted in overwritten valuable XCF with rubbish
ones which only ever should exist in exported format! So basically
because of your idiot proof mode prompted me to lose my time consuming
work because it was overwritten with an inferior version from which I
can not recover!
Karl Günter Wünsch

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