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I'm really sorry. I counted about 50 new messages about that very topic after I posted my message to the list. I'm sorry for the noise, really.

What I notice however is that very matter brings much debate. So I looks to me that the chapter is far from closed and far from bringing unanimity. Not that I'm saying you're all wrong nor all right. Just that this new save/export scheme is found disturbing by more than one person.

If you mind my 2¢ however... this debate comes from a change in the interface, as I perceive it. People have been used to how a critical feature set, aka saving files was implemeted, until 2.8 came in and introduced a change, to which people are required to adapt.

On a strictly philosophic point, I personally consider all efforts must be taken so as the software adapts to the human and not the contrary. It is clear that in this case, the change is perceived like a request from the developers to change our habits while it was not necessarily the intention; maybe Gimp developers had no other choice in the end, I don't know. I just know it's all human. Developers have a valid programming and maintenance (and all the things I missed) argumentation while users have a valid argumentation, which based on usage and habits. Reconciling both is not an easy task, as far as I can see.

To be honest, as a dull user with only a programming experience and a relatively poor knowledge of graphics, I cannot make the link between what you guys call the "workflow" and everything I read about this particular issue. I'm just more confused and I regret it.

Again, sorry for the noise.

Vince C.

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> Date: Vendredi 16 novembre 2012, 16h32
> ... sigh... Let me explain this
> again.
> Difference between Save and Save As... and Export and Export
> As... is
> only one - The latter ALWAYS prompts for a name, the former
> prompts
> for name once if its a new file and not again, overwriting
> the file
> previously saved or loaded silently. this is a long standing
> tradtion
> in software. Save an Export separation itself is a result of
> moving
> twoars separating destructive and nondestructive actions.
> Save is
> "safe" and always keeps everthing you can see in GIMP UI -
> you can
> continue editing from it. Export is always destructive. No
> other
> format than XCF supports all gimp features.
> This separation is not up for negotiation. There are
> workarounds in
> form of scripts that re-enable the possibly destructive
> workflows.
> Feel free to use them. The workflows will not be supported
> in vanilla
> gimp.
> :)

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