Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

I don't know if this kind of things are good or bad for interaction, but what if a label saying "drop files here to open" is placed over Wilber when the pointer is over the toolbox and that text disappears for good after the user drops an image for the first time? Even wilber can disappear after that and only appear when users drag images over the bar (this time without text)

That would give branding and usage hints at the beginning, and would give vertical space back after users learn about the feature.

However, I think it's worth to mention that what is eating a lot of space is having the toolbar with the tool options below, not wilber. That makes that panel necessarily wide and leaves less vertical space for both. The first thing I do on fresh GIMP installs is moving the tool options to the dockable pane on the right, and making the toolbox 2 columns wide. In that case having wilber on the top of the toolbox doesn't matter, since you have plenty space to add all the icons you want to the toolbar and it still fits the height.


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