Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

On 12-05-12 04:02 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
If we do care about it, is there a reason we add a Wilber logo to the
top of the toolbar?

As Tobias mentioned it is a drag and drop target area. There is a tooltip that pops up if you point at the area long enough with the mouse. The logo in there does nothing to make you think it is anything but decoration. A different icon or some text might be more useful (IIRC, there was some text in there at one time).

I'd forgotten it was there as I turned it off some time after that area appeared as I never use drag and drop with GIMP. I just tried dragging images to the image window when no image was open and the only image type I could drag was a PNG file. If I try to drag a JPG file I get a GIMP Message box popping up saying that the open failed due to "Unknown file type".

When this was discussed on IRC some time after the change had been made and some people were commenting/complaining about the "waste of space" the response was to add a line to the gimprc file. The idea of making it configurable via Preferences was rejected back then due to something along the line of not wanting to add yet another option to an already long list of options.

Perhaps it is time to have another think about whether there should be a configurable option to turn on/off the DnD target area. I don't think we should expect users who want to turn it off to have to find and edit their gimprc file.


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