Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

On 12.05.12 11:00 pm, Kevin Cozens wrote:

When this was discussed on IRC some time after the change had been made and some people were commenting/complaining about the "waste of space" the response was to add a line to the gimprc file. The idea of making it configurable via Preferences was rejected back then due to something along the line of not wanting to add yet another option to an already long list of options.

Perhaps it is time to have another think about whether there should be a configurable option to turn on/off the DnD target area. I don't think we should expect users who want to turn it off to have to find and edit their gimprc file.

Full ack. IMO the best place for this configurable option is in Preferences/Toolbox/Appearance. It would not be too much to have a 4th checkbox there. AFAIK things get too complicated for users if there were at least 7 or 8 options. A more consistent way would be to integrate all these options into the tools configuration list below. By now users can turn options on/off by two different ways on the same panel: the well-known checkboxes and the clickable eyes. Having all these options in the 'clickable eyes' list would be more consistent. A cutting line could then clarify the difference between tools and the rest (color selector, active brush/pattern/gradient, active image, DnD area):

Drag and Drop area
Color selector
Active brush/pattern/gradient
Active Image
Rectangle select
and so on...

or let the users decide on their own, on which position of the toolbox they want to have the rest.

BTW: Is the single window mode meant to be turned on and off so very often, that this option has to be easily accessible in the 'Windows' menu? If not, there's enough space in the Preferences/Window Management panel...

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