[Gimp-developer] [LGM2012] Reimbursements for the GIMP team


as discussed at the GIMP meeting during LGM 2012 in Vienna, we will reimburse the participants of our team directly from our own funds (i.e. not through the LGM reimbursement process).

I'm gathering all the required documents and information, so please send me:

- account holder name
- account holder address
- bank name
- bank address
- total amount to be reimbursed (in Euros)
- bills and receipts (scanned, original or photos)*

If possible, add the values to the attached ODS file (OpenOffice.org or LibreOffice can handle this format)

*Please label the receipts as <name>_<purpose>.extension, e.g. schumacher_train.pdf. Please keep file sizes small, this is supposed to go to the GNOME foundation in one single mail.

Self-billed receipts are possible, too. If the receipts amount to a larger sum than you'd like to be reimbursed, please specify which parts should be discarded.

If you have been reimbursed for Chaos Communication Camp 2011, then I've got all your data. If not, then most likely the bank name and address is missing.

I know that this amount of data seems to be quite extensive for modern days money transfer, but please keep in mind that the GNOME Foundation resides in a country where is is still quite common to use cheques.

As an alternative, the GNOME Foundation can also do transfers via PayPal, but so far we've never done this for GIMP reimbursements. If you want to be reimbursed via PayPal, please add your PayPal address instead of your bank account data.

Please submit the documents within the next two weeks, I'd like to wrap up reimbursements in May.

GIMP Office Manager

Attachment: reimbursements lgm2012.ods
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