Re: [Gimp-developer] High bit depth processing

Alexandre Prokoudine (alexandre prokoudine gmail com) wrote:
> 16bit PNG can be loaded and saved
> EXR opens as 32bit float, but is saved with 16bit precision.

Also .hdr files are handled by file-gegl as well.

> Simon already evaluated porting TIFF loader to GEGL, but I couldn't
> understand a single word through lots of swearing in German, and
> that's after having studied German since I was a lad :) The general
> idea, however (if I got it right), is that the file format is messy,
> so is the original code. In other words, it will take some time to get
> this done. As usual, patches are welcome.

Yeah, I did a stab in the general direction of the tiff plugin, but the
TIFF library is quite twisted in its ways. I'll have a look at it again,
but If someone else wants to take a shot at it please go ahead, I am not
too eager...  :)

              simon budig de    

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