[Gimp-developer] contribution processes...


lately I have been thinking about introducing a new process.

this thinking has been accelerated by the GIMP bof at the lgm,
where GIMP project members expressed concern about lack of
openness and transparency in the current UI redesign work, and
I expressed concern about lack of valuation and respect for
the field of interaction design.

the discussion at lgm was constructive, and I think that
everybody should just act to address all of the concerns.

I think that the new process that I am thinking about can
contribute to that.

this process is an ‘interaction design patch/contribution’ for new,
fresh contributors, that I want to model it one-to-one on the established
code patch/contribution process (for new, fresh contributors).

so first we need a good description of this code contribution process,
before adapting it.

I have given it a first stab:


I like to discuss it here on this mailing list and get it
in a shape that is beyond reasonable doubt. after that the
next steps can be taken.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works

        http://blog.mmiworks.net: on interaction architecture

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