Re: [Gimp-developer] contribution processes...

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 8:46 PM, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:
> guys,
> lately I have been thinking about introducing a new process.
> this thinking has been accelerated by the GIMP bof at the lgm,
> where GIMP project members expressed concern about lack of
> openness and transparency in the current UI redesign work, and
> I expressed concern about lack of valuation and respect for
> the field of interaction design.
> the discussion at lgm was constructive, and I think that
> everybody should just act to address all of the concerns.
> I think that the new process that I am thinking about can
> contribute to that.
> this process is an ‘interaction design patch/contribution’ for new,
> fresh contributors, that I want to model it one-to-one on the established
> code patch/contribution process (for new, fresh contributors).
> so first we need a good description of this code contribution process,
> before adapting it.
> I have given it a first stab:
> <>
> I like to discuss it here on this mailing list and get it
> in a shape that is beyond reasonable doubt. after that the
> next steps can be taken.

"has to be easy to review and apply by the maintainer(s);" -- let's
just call it Git formatted and made against a rebased clone of the
master branch, shall we?

On the whole, I agree with this first stab and would like to move this
description (once finished) to :)

Let's see how interaction design part evolves.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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