Re: [Gimp-developer] contribution processes...

El 12/05/12 13:46, peter sikking escribió:
I have given it a first stab:


I like to discuss it here on this mailing list and get it
in a shape that is beyond reasonable doubt. after that the
next steps can be taken.

Makes sense to me. With the spanish-speaking libre graphics community ( we tried to figure out how to move the existing FLOSS development model to graphic design (specifically brand and identity) and we also found that a completely open and decentralized model wasn't up to the task, just as a completely closed and controlled wasn't either. So we refined the procedures until we got to a process which is pretty close to the one you're describing. There has to be an "authority role" that has the final word about what's in and what's out, and that person (or a small team coordinated by that person) will define the guidelines of what is needed and the quality expected from contributions. Contributors can assign themselves pending "tasks" and provide solutions following those guidelines and procedures, and the mantainer will evaluate the result, provide feedback and finally accept/reject the contribution. So far it worked fine, and having someone saying what to do worked better than total freedom, because it's almost impossible to get direction from a large group of contributors without a leading role. Also it's easier to contributors to choose what to work on: they can just pick a task and focus on it without worrying too much about the big picture. Some people might see this as something less "democratic", but if we choose the leading role based on previous track record and merit, we'll be chosing democratically our representative, and we can still have freedom to discuss decisions with people in charge, so there's no problem. Personally I think your work (and your team's) has proven the importance of having UI experts among our devs and I'll be happy to see you leading this new process, and I expect to see great things coming from it.


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