Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Karl Günter Wünsch wrote:

>>> BTW: I asked a few of my friends (who are less into image editing but
>>> well capable of using a computer and who at most only knew the GIMP by
>>> name) what export was supposed to mean and they all responded that it
>>> was the use of external resources to store the image (FB, Flickr,
>>> Dropbox)...
>> And that proves exactly what? :)
> IMHO it only shows that the split of the function is artificial in
> nature and that the chosen command name for one of the most used
> function (no matter what you do, you can't upload an xcf for
> presentation on the web nor can you send in an xcf to a printer nor can
> you do anything worthwhile with an xcf outside the very limited world of
> the GIMP - so saving under a different format is a must for any user and
> export isn't the first command name that comes to mind of anyone if
> searching for this option) is ambiguous at best and progressively
> misleading in todays environment...

What you are saying is:

1. We made a clear separation between saving and exporting...
2... where saving means preserving all project data for internal use
3... and exporting means saving a new file that is typically a JPEG or
PNG for external use.
4. Your friends actually understand that separation on a user level.
5. Which makes us wrong.

In other words, you've just given us an example that supports our
vision, while claiming that it contradicts it. That's one hell of an
IMHO from you :)

Alexandre Prokoudine

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