Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

El 15/06/12 11:35, Nathan Summers escribió:
I still wonder how much the target audience overlaps with the actual audience. :)

Let me put it this way: "I still wonder how can we attract our target audience if we do things for a different audience". GIMP project has chosen a sane path: to define a target audience and start designing the application around that audience.
Our problem was always the lack of a target audience.
That's why our current userbase (not audience) is an awful mix of users of all levels except serious artists and professionals. GIMP has to deliver solutions for this specialized audience instead of dealing with our current large and diverse userbase demanding for a free Photoshop clone. Serious artists and professionals usually don't want feature X or a UI like program Y. They want a tool to get their job done, and if GIMP can make that happen, it will become a serious tool.
The rest of the users will catch up later.


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