Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

2012/1/26 peter sikking <peter mmiworks net>

let's be honest and say that every one of these that look
super clean are better made in inkscape & co.

but everywhere where there is at least a bit of grunge,
texture, yes, organic touch: that is GIMP territory (I say).

yes, most of those examples are vectors only and since text is vectors, obviously a vector illustration package would be a better choice.
But when it comes to mix vectors with bitmaps, although vector illustration packages provide tools to mask and transform bitmaps, they're not so powerful when it comes to applying special blendings, painting textures or details on vector shapes, alpha painting, applying filters, etc.
It boils down to which application the designer chose to start with. If my poster has 50+ photographic elements that require retouching, blending and complex alpha composites and, say less than 20 typographic objects, I'd chose GIMP hands down.
Switching to another app to add those typographic objects breaks my workflow and makes me create proxies manually, since I can't open my layered comps in inkscape to add text and go back to GIMP.
If those 2 apps would be integrated together and I could work using a common file format I wouldn't need too much control over text in GIMP, but it's not the case, and sticking with a single app for some types of hybrid bitmap/vectors works in this case is desirable.

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