Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

peter sikking writes:
> so please help us by replying here, with you answer what
> text means to you when working with GIMP.

My most common use case for text: adding text to a photo for
something like a greeting card or a poster, sometimes intended
for the web and sometimes for print. So I start with a photo
(anywhere from 2 to 12 megapixels) and add some kind of banner
text in a fancy font. Typical workflow:

- open a photo (fairly high resolution)
- with the text tool active, click in the image
- type some text (now the text is about 3 pixels high, since it
  defaults to 18 px).
- play around with the size, color, and font face until it looks good

That works if I use the Tool Options, but I've found that I can't
use 2.7's new on-canvas box for any of that, because it only works
on whatever text is selected. Initially I can't select anything
because the text is too small to see (if I try, I always end up
missing the first few characters). Even after I enlarge it from Tool
Options, selecting the text covers it with a yellow box so I can't
see how the text looks against the background.

I'm sure there must be a way around this (I can't be the only person
who adds text to high-res photos). I'd love to hear other people's
2.7 workflows for that.


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