Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

As a graphic designer I always need text. I'm doing most of my text work in inkscape not because text doesn't belong to image manipulation, but because now it's impossible to get a good workflow, including:
- Fine grained control over type properties and text layout
- Non-destructive transforms (i.e. rotating a text element and keep it editable).
- Envelope-like distorts produce very low quality results with text (i.e. curving a text block with cage too to make it wrap on a cylinder)

Every piece that requires text interacting with image has to be done in the same environment you create/edit those images, because you need exact fit. An example: A fake neon sign on the top of a building (photo). Creating and distorting text in a different applications requires you to:
1- export a flattened version of your comp
2- create and distort text in the external app
3- export the text object, making sure its pixel size is right
4- import the object in GIMP and place it on the right place (something that lacks precision, because you don't have a reference of the right location since the text was created outside.
5- apply effects, etc.
If you need to change that text, you have to repeat almost the whole procedure again.

Basically, if you're working on a comp with several layers and you need text on it (or between layers), then moving to a different app to add it is a no-go.

Here I found some graphic examples of designs created with text in Photoshop. I know it's not the idea to copy PS or even have it as a reference, but this kind of works is something a graphic designer would do in GIMP.

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