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Hi Patrick,

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Patrick Horgan <phorgan1 gmail com> wrote:

> On 08/04/2012 02:43 AM, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > Hi Patrick,
> >
> > ...elision by patrick...
> > Well, calling GNU Autotools "Autohell" is not an ad-hominem attack.
> > However, assuming that since I called it "Autohell" it is wrong (or
> > "flamebait"), is. See:
> >
> >
> Lol!  Look in that article under abusive.  It is exactly ad-hominem.
> By doing a personal attack, calling it autohell, instead of having
> anything to say about why it's good or not, you exactly fulfill the
> definition of an ad-hominem attack.

Well, I have looked in that article under abusive and I still don't see
how my page constitutes of an ad-hominem attack just by the fact it calls
GNU Autotools "Autohell".

An Ad-hominem attack has the following form:

1. Sophie says something.

2. Jack finds something questionable or wrong about Sophie herself.

3. Jack concludes that Sophie is wrong due to #2.

The Wikipedia page gives the following examples:

*    "You can't believe John when he says the proposed policy would help the economy. He doesn't even have a job."

*    "Candidate Jane's proposal about zoning is ridiculous. She was caught cheating on her taxes in 2003."

*    "What would Mary know about fixing cars? She is a woman." (an example of Ad feminam)

*    "What makes you so smart and all-knowing to deny God's existence? You haven't even finished school."

*    "Your fashion opinion isn't valid, you can't even afford new shoes."

*    "Your exposition is highly correct and valid, but you don't have enough academic degree" (an example of the Credential fallacy). [7]

Now my page ( ) gives many
valid reasons why CMake is superior and GNU Autotools
is inferior, and as a result concludes it is valid to nickname Autotools "Autohell"
as a derogatory name, just based on their own deficiencies. So how does it
consist of an ad-hominem attack?


	Shlomi Fish

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