Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-user] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.7.5 released

Well, alrighty then.  Sorry if I caused a ruckus as that was surely not my
intention.  I just wanted to throw it out there to test the waters before
deciding whether to install this thing. Thanks for all the feedback.  I will
step softly out of the fray now.  I do appreciate the value you all give to this
fine product.  Take care.


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> Looks like Gez has a direct line to who knows who. :)
> Yes, my builds were uploaded to by one of the users. I have
> looked into these reports and they are all false. One user reported running
> build through a lot of so called detectors. Some of them claim there are
> in other parts of Gimp as well such as twain.exe. In any case, as the other
> poster suggested, perhaps the official builds guarantees that the builds pass
> all detectors tests and so please feel free to delete this version and use the
> official version.
> I have a write-up on this on my website and there is a whole lot of discussion
> on Flickr as well.
> Thanks,
> Partha
> On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 4:04 PM, gespertino gmail com <gespertino gmail com>
> wrote:
> > John:
> > That build is from Partha. I'm pretty sure that it's a false positive,
> > since he has been contribuiting with builds for some time and nobody
> > had problems with his builds. Just in case, contact him and ask him about
> warning.
> >
> > As I mentioned above, you shouldn't report problems with unofficial
> > builds to devs, and this is exactly the case.
> >
> > Anyway, there's a build of 2.8 RC1 available here:
> >
> > as Alexia just pointed out.
> >
> > Gez.
> >
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