[Gimp-developer] what might be the reason a translation for script-fu is not present in compiled package ?

There is something peculiar I observed since the latests 2.7.x
development snapshots, at least in Windows version, both the ones from
Partha site and the ones compiled by Jernej Simončič.

The problem is that most (or all) menus that belongs to script-fu
strings are not translated in my language (Romanian). If I replace
manually file gimp20-script-fu.mo saved locally with Poedit, then all
menus are ok.

I finished the Romanian translation few months ago and is 100%
completed in GNOME repositories. I also checked the official tarball
that was for version 2.7.5 and the .po file from script-fu was ok
(100%) even there. Now with the 2.8 RC1 the situation is the same.

What might be the reason for that ?


Cristian Secară

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