Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:37:27PM -0800, Jim Michaels wrote:
> The only reason I am making the point is because I try to suggest GIMP 
> to people who can't afford Photoshop or are looking for a free photo 
> editor.
> Maybe it's not the best reason in the world.

Definitely but understandable.

> I just wanted to give people a solution they could afford.

Free = affordably by anyone. Ok.

>  I was hoping to be able to  give them something high end, intuitive, and hopefully easy to use.

High end is enemy of intuitive or easy to use. Give Photoshop to any new user and see if it is so "easy to use".

> Is there some way to make textures?  stitch photos taken from various 
> points of view? 

two completely different jobs IMHO

> well, I can always do that with microsoft ICE or other 
> programs made for panos, but not everybody knows about that -

Under Linux use hugin ...
> people will use what is built into the program they have (after all,
> that's all that can be done, right...?). - and I know this is wrong
> thinking,

Well, if is wrong is wrong ... like trying to put a nail into a wall with only the hands 

> but when you don't implement features, the user doesn't know
> any better - most of the time, but then there are the power users who
> want it all and do just about everything with the program, and there are
> plenty of them out there.

There are plenty of people who use drugs too out there...

> I don't think feature-itis is a bad thing.

Yes is a bad thing. And it will always be a bad thing. Tell me why you
never see any professional worker using a swiss army knife?


And think about this: it is the sole 40 years old OS working (well) out there.
There should be a reason.

>  it's just -well, how do
> you organize lots of features and plugins?  when you have a large
> collection of plugins from the registry installed, you get REALLY WIDE,
> long menus.  especially if you have photoshop filters for pspi.exe you
> want to add to that collection as well.

just use another program or install only the plugins you really-really use.

> There
>  is some significant functionality provided by photoshop filters.  
> again, take a look at
> these 
> can make the difference between a toy-looking site and a
>  professional site with some skill.  there are a lot of junk filters out
>  there that simply just ruin an image.  I have had to wade through 
> them.  But once in a while you find out about companies like
> "Please use darktable"
> what
>  darktable?  it doesn't exist in 2.6.11 nor in the plugin registry.  
> vaporware.  or someone is just being dark. :-/  I don't even like the 
> name.

Many do not like GIMP name either, think about it...
> "Gimp is just GIMP." seems so mediocre. I was hoping to spur some
> Excellence.  maybe someone can come up with some radical new ideas for
> photo imaging and put it into GIMP.  I have already heard of one
> excellent idea which became a plugin.

Well, noone is stopping you. Just do it (TM)! ;-)


Marco Ciampa

| Linux User  #78271 |
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