Re: [gedit-list] Special Symbols plugin for gedit

On Sat, 16 Sep 2006 11:10:55 +0200
Paolo Maggi <paolo maggi gmail com> wrote:

> Hi,
> > I am using gedit 2.14.4 that comes with Ubuntu 6.06.
> > ...
> There is a separate package called gedit-plugins that is maintained by
> two members of the gedit team. It contains a charmap plugin too.
> I don't know if a Ubuntu package exists for it.
> See for more info (we are going to
> update it with info on how to install/download the package).

I wish I could see or understand some of this CharMap functionality,
without installing it and risking my Ubuntu/gedit consistent installation.
For example, how easy it for users to configure and exchange
among themselves, a "good set" of special symbols.

For example, for me as a Hebrew-gedit user 
(The only case where I use gedit...)
I can insert all the 27=22+5 Hebrew letters, via the standard
Xorg.conf/Xkb mapping of my toggled-keyboard.
But occasionally, I need a few diacritical marks (Nikud/vowels)
and searching for them in gucharmap - is not convenient.
I don't know, but I guess similar situation exists for
other languages.

> > About the "Side Pane". I believe I do not understand.
> > ...
> Yep, I mean inserting it in the "Side Pane" of gedit, the one you can
> open with pressing the F9 key.

That could be a nice option.

> > By the way. I there a clean way to define a version
> > for a specific plugin via the Gedit plugin interface?
> What do you mean? 
> If you are speaking about the fact a plugin may require a specific
> version of gedit, then there is no way.
> We should probably add a "Required" field in the .gedit-plugin file.
> Could you please file a request for enh on with your
> comments about feature?

I was not clear. The idea of 'required' gedit version is certainly logical.
But for the same gedit version, a specific plugin my have several versions.
Say tomorrow (no time to be that fast...) I will release a new version
of SpecSym that supports embedding its interface in the "Side Pane".
I would like to associate a bumped-up version for such SpecSym release.

> Ciao,
> Paolo

Bye -- yotam

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