Re: [gedit-list] Special Symbols plugin for gedit

Paolo Maggi wrote:

A plugin for gedit, that supports insertion of any
Unicode special symbol is available.
Implemented in Python and comes with default set for Hebrew diacritical marks
 <ניקוד, טעמי מקרא ...
Bidirectional control-codes, Read more at  (with screenshot)

enjoy &&|| complain -- yotam

Why didn't you use the "Side Pane"? May be your plugin could be merged with the "CharMap" plugin in
gedit-plugins. What do you think?

Same remark as Paolo, but it may not apply if your plugin is designed for very specific needs.

The charmap plugin is a gucharmap integration in gedit, and so provide a way to insert any unicode symbol; they are sorted by script, the way they are in gucharmap. It has a few bugs too ;-)

But it's written in C, and already provided by distros like ubuntu edgy. And we are always happy of getting patches ;-)

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