Re: [gedit-list] Special Symbols plugin for gedit

Paolo Maggi wrote:

I don't know if a Ubuntu package exists for it.

There is one for Ubuntu Edgy.

See for more info (we are going to
update it with info on how to install/download the package).

gedit-plugins 2.16 won't work with 2.14 but the 2.15.3 versio from should work just fine. Maybe 2.15.4 too.

By the way. I there a clean way to define a version
for a specific plugin via the Gedit plugin interface?

What do you mean? If you are speaking about the fact a plugin may require a specific
version of gedit, then there is no way.

Actually, there is a tuple available from the python interface, gedit.version iirc. Nothing for the C side...

We should probably add a "Required" field in the .gedit-plugin file.
Could you please file a request for enh on with your
comments about feature?

You could fill two RFE then: one for the required field and one for the plugin-version field.

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