Re: [Geary] IMAP / gmail performance?

Hi Mike;

Am Sonntag, den 18.09.2016, 17:36 +1000 schrieb Michael Gratton:
Hmm, so are most of these folders in a shared/public IMAP namespace, 
that you know of? I.e. folders not in your own personal account? If
so, do you need access to them from Geary?

Well the mail system mainly acts as an inbound system for our core
business (which is document control for construction sites), so there
are 800+ public mail folders receiving a load of inbound mails with
very large attachments each and every day.

My own folder namespace is limited to roughly two dozens of folders,
and I do subscribe to some of the public ones then and now to see
whether everything's alright in there (that's why they can be
subscribed to, after all). 

This is usually what IMAP mailbox subscriptions are for, and which 
would likely take care of this for you — assuming you don't actually 
want to subscribe to those folders. Currently, Geary doesn't pay 
attention to that however: 

Guess I'll add a few notes to that, yes. Indeed this is exactly what
one would expect in a configuration such as ours.

and not downloading attachments by default 
<> might also help.

Indeed. Either that or, similar to evolution/thunderbird, allow for a
maximum size limit for attachments to automatically be downloaded. Or,
even better (this is how my favorite Android MUA does it) automatically
just download all the message heades to allow for navigating
conversations without having all the message payload available all the


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