[Geary] issues with Wayland

Hi folks

Is anybody of you testing Wayland?
It should be the default in Fedora 25, scheduled to be released in 2 months.

I'm writing from a Fedora 24 machine with Wayland.
Main issue so far is that the main menu doesn't show anything but the Close option. I have no more access to Preferences or Account settings (can't remember the keyboard shortcuts but Ctrl+P or Ctrl+M don't work).

Another issue, maybe not related with Wayland (I should restart the session with X and verify), is that I have now a new strange identity: Federico Bruni <>

that is my name and an empty email address.
When I replied to an email (not sent to me but to an alias email), that was my default from field and I could not change it. This seems to affect replies only.


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